Testimonial 18

We rented Villa 1 and 2. No words can explain the total experience during our stay in Ghana. Being our first time, we did have some anxiety about going to a new place. I know I ran Felix crazy prior to the trip. All of us had a fabulous time. I give our driver, guide, adviser Joe all the honor for making our trip so great. He is a very large jewel in the Ghana Villa’s crown. Always a perfect gentleman. Ernest and Godwin kept the Villa spotless at all times, and never underfoot. The security crew did their job well also no complaints at all. We were very safe. All of the alerts in the media are quite overstated. Moving about the city, we never felt threatened by anyone. Mariam at Villa 1, is an angel for sure. She had our meal waiting when we arrived. Even though we were an hour late. You need to clone your staff and use them as your scale for any future employees. Don’t take them for granted. They are the ones that make the business work.

Sherry Patterson - Sunnyvalle, Califonia, USA

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