Testimonial 19

My family and I had the pleasure of traveling in your minivan for a four-day excursion to Cape Coast and Takoradi taking in all the tourist attractions along the way. Included on the trip were my two teenage daughters who are usually inclined to complain about everything at any given chance but on this occasion, nothing was heard from them! If anything they told me how much they enjoyed the ride up to Takoradi as the van was so clean and spacious and they were able to spread out comfortably and relax throughout the long journey. Emmanuel the driver was courteous and extremely accommodating – always a gentleman. He had extensive knowledge of the locations and knew exactly where all the tourist sites were – doubling up as both driver and tour guide. He spoke most of the local dialect which was very handy when haggling to purchase souvenirs! All in all, the trip was very comfortable and having a competent and skillful driver such as Emmanuel made us feel so secure that we could nod off to sleep during parts of the journey knowing that you were in safe hands. Well done Felix, I would highly recommend your services to anyone visiting Ghana. Your staff is a credit to you and they highlight the friendly and welcoming nature of the Ghanaian people.

Olivia Boakye - London, UK

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