Testimonial 28

What a wonderful holiday we had in Ghana. We are a family of six who stayed at Villa One. The house is beautiful, spacious, and full of life. You can’t afford to stay at Villa One without booking Mariam, a wonderful lady, and a marvelous cook. Our kids fell in love with her. Don’t forget to book Joe, the best driver ever. He knows the whole of Ghana and you’re in for a treat when it comes to tourism. He will take you places. The entire team at Villa One treated us like family. They are excellent at their job. For a real Ghana holiday experience, a book to stay at Ghana Villas and the full package is the best. Lisa – I loved both the house and the people there. From the moment we arrived, they welcomed us and made us feel at home. Over the 3 weeks, we got to know them more and we really enjoyed ourselves. Auntie Mariam’s cooking is absolutely fantastic, even our friends kept coming back to the house to eat her food. Angel – I loved everything about Villa One. The people, the food, and the fun things we did together. They played with us, thought us how to ride our bikes, etc. I will never forget my great stay! Daniel – I made great friends at Villa One, Uncle Joe, and Uncle Isaac. They played football with me and we had lots of fun together. I will never forget the great experience I had at Villa One. Nana – Marian was like a mum to us. She cooked and catered for us. We had the best holiday in Ghana because of where we stayed, Villa One.

Yaw Adjei & Family - London, UK

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